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The right bid. Every time.

We give you 30% more reach with the right bid. Helping increase your ROAS*

*Return on Ad spend

In digital media landscape, more than 80% of marketers do not know how to bid.

Our mission is to educate and get more media for your dollar.

Fit2Bid is the only way to create precise bids, that make your media spend reach 30% further.

For some, the bid is the problem. For us, this struggle is the inspiration to streamline the bidding proccess

Our proprietary solution combines math, physics, experience and big data to articulate the perfect bid for each and every campaign, effectively taking the guesswork out of the most critical part of launching your digital campaigns.

  • PA (Predictive Analytics) is the intersection of where data informs the right value of the bid.
  • The right bid at the first time. No waste, no guesses, makes better performance.


The right bid. Every time.

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Our process:

Step One

Provide us all target data, incluring time frame, geo, demo, psychographics

Step two

We combine target data from step one, with the diligent search across all channels to establish current market values

Step three

Execute the correct bid.

Step Four

Monitor the bid for accuracy  thought the duration of the campaign thereby assuring your return on ad spend

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